T2 Physical Education

Learning intentionWe are learning to send and receive objects consistently

Success CriteriaI can successfully catch when I
Move in line with the ball
Stretch arms and hands to meet the ball
Cushion and absorb the ball
Explain what I am trying to do when playing Target Bounce 

 Traffic Lights

 Catch It

 Target Bounce


T2 Numeracy

I am learning to . . .
Make tens to make it easier to add numbers together.

T1 Football Coaching

We were very lucky to get some football coaching from Sport Canterbury.
The girls learnt soccer from a female coach and the boys from a male coach.
We learnt to control the ball by playing games like Sponge Bob Square Pants, Zombie tag and Rob the nest.
Then we played a game of four a-side without a goalkeeper.

T1 Writing

We are learning to...
·      write a personal recount about something we have done or experienced
·      have an opening statement that tells who what and when
·      write the events in the order they happened

·      have a conclusion or personal response

Playing Soccer

On Thursday my class played soccer with the coach. It was so much fun at soccer. We had to practise doing soccer, so we did practised with the coach. We practised so we can play soccer. I was practising and we started to play soccer. It was so much fun at soccer. We played a Zombie game. You had to save people from the Zombies. We stopped playing the Zombie game. We were running with the ball. The girls had one ball each. We played other games. The cheetahs had to kick the ball way. I became a cheetah. I was kicking lots of people's balls away. To become a cheetah you had to run with the ball and the cheetah had to kick the people's balls away from the cheetah. It was so much fun at soccer.

Teacher comment:
A good recount with a beginning, middle and end.
Next steps: Use some joining words so sentences are different lengths

T1 2015 Art with Mr Shaskey

We are learning to follow instructions to draw a sketch of a person, and place the features correctly on the face.


Student voice:

2015 Lotus

We Are Learning To…
Fill in a Lotus sheet so that others can learn a little about ourselves.

We had to draw people so that they were not stick figures and our drawings had to be coloured carefully.

Student response: A Special celebration for me is Easter because I like Easter eggs.
Special Features of our school is the large oak tree.